Reaching out with Lighthouse

Here is an amazing testimony of one of Northwest Universities students reaching out through the group Lighthouse-devoted to reaching homeless people in Seattle, spreading the light of God’s love in a dark world.

“I am continually amazed at God’s faithfulness. Thursday night, four of us went out with three containers of hot water and some hot chocolate. That night, we prayed on the way home, for those we had met and for Lighthouse. One of the specific things we asked God for was to expand our crew. The next night, I reluctantly came to Lighthouse. My plan was to show up to pray, send the people who came off to Seattle and then go to my room and nap. I had had a long week. To my surprise, as I walked into the Perch, there were 15 other people there! Many of these people had never come to Lighthouse before. Not only that, our supplies had at least doubled. The Aerie, our campus coffee shop had donated muffins, water and chips to our cause. I was totally blown away. God had not only answered our prayer, but He did so almost immediately. I knew this was a sign, and I ended up going. I’m so glad I did.
Once we made it to Seattle, we split up into 3 groups. Along the way, my group stumbled upon a woman sitting on the sidewalk in nice clothes. She did not look homeless. We approached her anyway with the cocoa and I realized that I had met this woman before. She was not very friendly the first time I met her but last night she really opened up to me. I spent about an hour talking to her. She told me about how lonely she was and even opened up about her upbringing. I have never met anyone who felt that alone. She spoke about how ugly she felt. People always made fun of her and judged her before they knew her. She longed to be held and just to be loved. This longing for love drew her in to prostitution, which is how she made money for about 20 years of her life. She told me that she also would buy herself teddy bears to hold. That’s how much she just longed for a hug. Her story broke my heart.
This lady was the only person I really spent time with last night. I got to share a little about Jesus with her, but honestly, what I think really impacted her was the fact that someone took the time to sit down and listen to her talk. We really don’t realize how blessed we are. We are blessed to have a bed, to have clothes, to have the opportunity to get an education, to have friends. I often times take all of these things for granted, but there are so many people out there who do not have them. It’s funny, often times the most incredible nights at Lighthouse come after the worst, most tiring days. The enemy tries to bring us down when he senses God moving. But God is greater. He is stronger. He is all powerful! God really showed me His faithfulness last night. He can do anything.”


About J.D. Lovern

Loves the Lord, my family, the written word, food, river front views, and balancing the the line that separates reality and my imagination.
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