14 days

Today I sat in chapel as the embargo team came foward and talked about their current project 14 days to freedom.
I sat in reflection on my past week and my pledge to give up coffee for 14 days. Overall it has been a rough week. On Wednesday morning I was running late for class and was incredibly tired, on my commute to school I pulled into the Tully’s drive thru and started ordering my favorite vanilla carmel latte, then I looked down to get my wallet and noticed my 14 days to freedom bracelet. I realized in that moment that the commitment I made to the fight against slavery and helping provide a life of freedom was much more important than my 10 minutes of happiness found in a cup of coffee.
I realized that those people who are in bondage in slavery are forced to give up things that I completly take for granted, and to pay for my coffee in spite of my commitment was breaking a promise I had made to help save a life.
This may sound a little extreme but I had a thought process, what if when Jesus was here on earth fulfilling a promise to save us from our sin and allow us to live forever with him in the Kingdom Of Heaven, were to have thought “well I made this promise but I’m sure someone else will come around to do it instead, besides I don’t really know ALL those generations of people, they are far away, so I’m going to keep the life I have because it means a lot to me.
But instead Jesus, out of love gave it all for our freedom.
He gave a life. I think I can give up my coffee.
14 days of freedom, we as a school have the ability to make a difference, so let’s do that.


About Janae L.

Loves the written word, cooking trim and healthy food, and spending time with my family.
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